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What you get in V18:

Based on the lastest stock firmware: Android 4.4.2 XXUFND3 (build date: 09/04/2014)
Modem: XXUENA1 Or XXUFND3(Choose in the aroma)
Stock XXUFND3 customized kernel by me:
- Insecured boot.img for full Root Access
- Init.d Support
- ExFat Support
This ROM is 200% Knox Free - You can say "Cya Knox!"
PhoeniX First Setup
Multi CSC(136 CSC) Set to EUR. If you want to change CSC:

First, install Stock Android Recovery
Second, select your CSC and install.
Third, Install PhilZ/TWRP recovery

Fully Deodexed
Added latest BusyBox
Added latest SuperSU+Bin files
Added GenieWidget
Added Flashplayer support
Added ES File Explorer
Added Facebook
Updated all stock apps to their latest version(Gmail, Google search, Google Maps, Google Earth, Chrome,Play store etc.)

  • Call Recorder
  • Phone with no increasing ringtone
  • All supported languages enabled
  • Added App Ops support in settings
  • Enabled Hidden Settings Widgets:
    - Power Control
    - Mono Audio
    - Negative Colors
    - Portable Wifi Hotspot
    - Smart Network
    - Favorite Settings
    - Hands-Free Mod
  • All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
  • Enabled init.d scripts
  • Added the following S5 features:
    - S5 Accuweather
    - S5 Customized settings:
    * Removed unsupported options like Fingerprint, Private Mod(need knox),
    * Spen support
    - S5 Splanner
    - S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode
    - S5 Toolbox with support for 10 apps!
    - S5 Customized SystemUI:
    * 33 Toggles mod with unique toggles:
    Flashlight - 1 press turns it on, long press flashlight settings
    Battery status - 1 press battery status , long press battery information
    PhoeniX - 1 Press/Long press open PhoeniX Settings
    Take Picture - Called "Shoot-it" by @dr.ketan. Single press takes picture without shooting sound (3-4 sec) long prees takes picture with shooting sound(3-4 sec) - also avilable as an icon in app drawer, so 1 press on app called Shoot it takes picture without shoooting sound, 1 press on app called Shoot it SF takes picture with shooting sound
    * Removed Quick Connect and SFinder big buttons and replaced with 1 single SFinder button besides the date.(Quick Connect is available as toggle)
    - S5 Lockscreen with option for Weather & Pedometer(If you use personal message you won't see them)
    - S5 Launcher
    - S5 launcher themes with 12 themes!
    - S5 Download Booster
    - S5 Wallpapers
    - S5 Google Search Widget with "Ok google" option from launcher(you must choose Google Search in aroma if you want it)
    - S5 My Magazine
    - S5 SFinder
    - S5 My Files
    - S5 Keyboard
    - S5 Svoice
    - S5 Car Mod(requires svoice)
    - S5 Shealth
    - S5 SamsungApps with option to download all S5 Apps Gifts
    - S5 SMemo
    - S5 Snote
    - S5 SBaro
    - S5 GroupPlay
    - S5 Contacts
    - S5 Phone with no more lag between Contacts and Phone tabs, also with popup call support
    - S5 SBrowser
    - S5 Calculator
    - S5 SMS
    - And more!
  • Enabled & Improved 8 Lockscreen Effects:
    - None (AOSP style)
    - Modded Ripple Effect:
    * No cloudy overlay - Thanks to @Goldie
    * Improved ripple effect - Thanks to @Goldie
    * Ink effect with the finger
    - Light effect
    - Popping Colours
    - Water Color
    - Blind
    - Oil Paint
    - Stone Skipping
  • KitKat SD Support Fix
  • Shutter Sound menu Enabled to stock camera
  • Big APN list
  • Call Delay After call End Reduced to 0ms
  • Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
  • Added exit menu to stock web browser
  • Option for custom bootanimation. put it in data/local/
  • Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs along with contacts
  • Permanently removed SysSCOPE from system and forced System Status to show "Official" - Special thanks to Aou
  • data/app enabled
  • Added Xposed framework with alot of modules and options:
    - Xposed installer - thanks to rovo89 his thread
    - Wanam Xposed - thanks to wanam his thread
    - DPI Settings - thanks to rovo89
    - MultiWindow Manager New Edition - thanks to BJB, Inc.
  • Enable call button in contact list
  • Upgraded Power Menu:
    - Extended Reboot Menu
    - Flashlight
    - Screenshot
  • Full Note 3 experience made by tamirda, dr.ketan and wesamothman:
    - Note 3 Launcher
    - Note 3 Accuweather Widget
    - Note 3 Multiwindow
    - Note 3 Fully Working Aircommand
    - Note 3 One Handed Option Fot all screens
    - Note 3 Keyboard - Thanks avivalder
    - Note 3 SNote, SNote V3.0 with the ability to sync notes from old SNote using Samsung Account.
    - Note 3 My Files
    - Note 3 Contacts and Phone (with option for popup incoming notifications)
    - Note 3 Browser
    - Note 3 S Planner
    - Note 3 Sounds
    - Note 3 S Finder, Pen Window, Scrapbooker
    - Note 3 Apps like SketchBook, Evernote and more
    - Note 3 Gallery
    - Note 3 Writing Buddy
    - Note 3 My Magazine
    - Note 3 Installation Wizard(First setup)
    - New Note 3 Wether & Calendar widget when pulling down the clock on lockscreen
    - Note 3 Widgets (Like alarm widget)
    - And much more!
  • Added Pen Window Manager - thank you Xperiacle!
  • option for Air Command with the finger - Air Command shortcut by Xperiacle!
  • New SMS app Mods:
    - Folder View Option
    - Backup/Restore SMS Option
    - Split view option
    - Change text size using volume keys option
    - Screen On/Off for notification alerts option
    - and more!!
  • Added Launcher Special support:
    - PhoeniX SlideLaunch -Instead of My Magazine in S5 Launcher you can choose any app you want to open, for example settings, camera or gallery - amazing feature.
    - PullUp Option
  • Added PhoeniX Air Command Controller: Now you can replace SFinder in aircommand with every app you want.
  • Enabled IP Call for SIP users
  • Allowed some hidden settings:
    - Display -> Open Editor after taking picture
    - Air Command
    - One Hand for all screens
    - SPen -> Display input(Writing buddy)
    - Display -> Torchlight
    - Handwrite language selector for Action memo and Air Command
    - And More!
  • Exclusive! Only to PhoeniX ROM!:
    * RTL Menus when you select Arabic/Hebrew as your default language. (Pictures at post 4)
    * New Amazing Wallpapers in Wallpaper Chooser Wallpapers! Beautiful Wallpapers! How to use? Click on Menu-> Set Wallpaper-> Home/Lock/Both-> Wallpaper Picker/chooser-> Select your Wallpaper! (Picture at post 4)

    * New Settings app: Now will be only 1 shortcut in the Settings, to PhoeniX Settings App with the following fetures:
    Samsung Secret Codes
    Fast Dormancy
    Faster Fix GPS
    CSC Select
    CPU Spy Plus
    Battery Chooser
    Terminal Emulator
    Xposed +Modules
    Idle Wifi Time Manager
    OS Monitor
    PhoeniX OTA Center - now you can update the rom without plugin into the computer!
    The OTA Center can be found in PhoeniX Settings.
    The downloads will be save on the internel SD card(if you use my memory script so it will be saved in the externel sd card) undr the folder OTA updates.
    And more coming soon

    Post 4:
  • Added Better GPS Config
  • TouchWIz Rotation available(landscape mode available) - thx to Rotry83
  • Extended speed dials to 100
  • A New superb & amazing Wallpaper pack including S5 & Note 3 & S4 wallpapers + alot of my collection - 61 wallpapers!
  • Added TB Restore Fixer Stub by -viperboy- his thread
  • Added Official OmegaDroid Android News app - I am reporter and editor there, so if you want to read the best news about android, use this!
  • Added OGBatteryMod with 60 different styles from my collection! thanks for OsamaGhareeb his thread

Built.prop tweaks
Kernel Tweaks

Removed from the rom:
- ReadersHub