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Q: I am getting assert failed when I am trying to flash the rom. What should I do?
A: I have put a security command to check the models of your phone, because we have several versions for our device, and some people might flash on the wrong model.
This command makes sure you are using the right model.
If you have the right model and you still get that, you have to use PhilZ recovery:
After you flash the recovery, flash the rom agian and it will work.
Good luck!

Q: What is the ODEX script? How do I use it?
A: When you use stock rom, you have an ODEXED system, and when you use custome rom you have a DEXODEX system.
ODEXED system has many benefits and has disadvantage.
The benefits are:
- Faster & High performance for the rom
- Faster boot
- Slimer system files.

The disadvantage:
After activating the script, you won't be able to flash any mod, theme or something else that was created for DEODEXED system.
Which means, you are limited.
Once you activate the script, there is no turning back, if you don't like it you have to reflash the rom.

In order to make your life easier, you will be able to use all aroma mods during installation. The script will work at the end of the installation to make sure all your system is ODEXED and there won't be any bug.
You don't have to install it during installation.
I will provide in PhoeniX Kitchen a download for this script that fits to PhoeniX ROMs.
So, if you want install themes or mods after the installation of the rom. You are able to do that!
If you want to install themes/mods after the installation make these steps:
1. Don't tick the ODEX script.
2. Run your ROM
3. Reboot to recovery, flash your mods/themes.
4. If you are happy with your curernt mods and themes, reboot to recovery and flash the odex script. Wait till it finishes! It might take up to 15 minutes!
5. Reboot & Enjoy

If you are happy with your aroma choices, and want to stay like this, tick the script.

If you don't want ODEXED and want to stay DEODEXED don't install the script

Pay attention!
The installation of the script might take up to 15 minutes! Be patient and don't pull out the battery, it will break your system! It odexes each file in system, so be patient.

In order to install the script, you must use CWM based reocvery(PhilZ)! If you install with TWRP recovery, you will get an endless bootloop.

Installation Requirements:

Do this before you install anything else:


This is only for I9505, if you do this on other S4, you might brick your device!

  1. Download this package(do not extract it!) :
    Click Here!

    This Package contains the following:
    - HOF2 Modem
    - HOF2 Bootloader
    - HOF2 LTE Modem
  2. Turn off the device.
  3. Boot into Download mod(Power+Home+Vol Down) - It is important to do it after you turn off your device and not from reboot menu in rom
  4. Open ODIN, select PDA and choose the package you have downloaded:
  5. Click start.
  6. Check if modem changed after phone reboots. If not, repeat the steps again.

Installation Instructions for v11:
  1. Do the steps above.
  2. If you are coming from other ROM or older version, full wipe is needed - super wipe is recommended.
  3. Use latest philz (have not tested twrp, but it sometime makes problems)
  4. Flash v11. Choose your mods, etc.
  5. Reboot


Notes(Pay Attention):

  • I'm not responsible for any damaged caused by using this rom. I give testers the rom before i publish it so you shuoldn't have any problems
  • Do Not Publish Any Mirror For the Rom!
  • If you use my rom as base, post a link to this thread+ credit
  • If you publish my rom, post a link to this thread + credit



If you have bugs, report at XDA thread or Contact Us page.