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PhoeniX ROM Features:

Based on the latest Official Android 5.0.1 version XXUHOF2(build date: 08/06/2015)
Kenel - Hulk-Kernel V1.3.1 No OC - special thanks to Tkkg1994 his thread
This ROM is 200% Knox Free - You can say "Cya Knox!"
Fully Deodexed
Added latest BusyBox
Added latest SuperSU+Bin files
Updated all stock apps to their latest version(Gmail, Google search, Google Maps ,Play store etc.)
Unique PhoeniX bootanimation & shutdown animation - Huge thank to the artist anbech


  • PhoeniX ROM Control:

    Status Bar Mods:
    • Custom clock settings - Position, AM/PM, Weekday, Color
    • Status Bar Color and Wallpaper overlay
    • Premade Custom Status Bar (Thanks to rompnit)
    • Backup, restore, or delete Status bar image
    • 3Minit Battery Mod (Thanks to gharrington)
    • Customizable Battery Bar
    • Customizable Battery percentages color
    • Max Signal Level
    • Traffic Meter
    • Statusbar Lock Button
    • Statusbar Icon Toggles
    • Statusbar Icon Colors

    Notification Panel Mods:
    • Backgrounds: Toggles Background Color, Header Background Color, Brightness Slider Background, sFinder Background Color
    • Header Preferences: Clock Color, Dateview Style, Date Color, Settings Button Color, Custom Third icon, Hide Dateview, Third Icon Color
    • Main Body Options: Hide/Show: Ongoing Notifications, Sfinder/QConnect, Brightness Slider
    • Toggle Settings: Number of Toggles in view, Toggle text color, Enable 29 Toggles(including flashlight)

    Sound Notification Mods:
    • Music Control
    • System sound toggles
    • Volume Slider Sound
    • Charging Sounds
    • ScreenShot Sound
    • Notifications and Dialogue

    General Mods:
    • Phone mods: Call Recording, Increasing Ringtone, Remove Last spoke, Remove Last message
    • Lockscreen Options: Disable Lockscreen, Lockscreen Rotation, Use Custom Carrier Text, Random Ink Effect Colour(Huge thanks to Goldie)
    • Touchwiz Launcher: Wallpaper Scrolling, Launcher Rotation, Infinite Scrolling, Theme Manager, PhoeniX SlideLaunch
    • Power Menu Extended Toggles: Power Off, Data Mode, Airplane Mode, Restart Menu, FlashLight, Screenshot, Screen Record, Emergency Mode

    Buttons and Display:
    • Button control mod: Home double tap, Home long press, Left short press, Left long press, Right long press(Will work only when mulwindow is off) :

      Kill App
      Recent Apps
      Screen Recorder
      Google Now
      Voice Command
      Lock Phone

    • Allow 360 Rotation
    • Soft Keys Navbar

    Data Management:
    • Backup System Settings
    • Restore System Settings
    • DELETE System Settings

    • Faster Fix Gps
    • Phone Info
    • CatLog
    • Terminal Emulator
    • PhoeniX Slide Launch Chooser

    Restart Options:
    • Restart InCallUI
    • Restart Phone
    • Restart TW Launcher
    • Restart SystemUI
    • Restart Device
    • Restart Recovery
    • Restart Download
    • Restart Safe Mode
  • Ported & Fully working Note 4 Lockscreen Charging Effects
  • Ported & Fully working Note 4 Lockscreen Seasonal Effects
  • Ported & Fully working S6 Weather Widget
  • Ported & Fully working Note 4 Festival Effects
  • Galaxy S6 Addons: Wallpapers, Wallpapers Picker, Geo News, My Files, Keyboard, S Browser, Galaxy Apps, Smart Remote, SPlanner Widget. Calculator, Smart Manager, Media sounds
  • Added Note 4 Multiwindow Mods With Unlimited apps:
    - Popup Window
    - Quad View
    - Open WIndows from Recents
    - Resize window from the corner
  • Added Note 4 Sidepanel
  • Ported & Fully working S5 Private Mode
  • Added Ambient Display & Ambient Display Timeout settings into PhoeniX Extra app
  • Ported & Fully working S5: Settings, Ultra Power Saving Mode, ToolBox with 12 apps support, Download Booster, Voice Recording, Air Wake Up, Sound Detector(Baby Monitor), Gallery, S Studio, Video Editor, MirrorLink, Car Mode, SPlanner, SMemo, Emergency Mode and more!
  • Ported & Fully working S5 TouchWiz with SlideLaunch & Themes Support
  • Added Galaxy S6 Lockscreen Icons
  • Improved SD Read/Write Speed
  • Disabled Volume Warning
  • Disabled Low Battery Warning in Camera
  • Added Floating Messages
  • Added Incoming Popup Call
  • Enabled Hidden Settings Widgets:
    - Power Control
    - Mono Audio
    - Negative Colors
    - Portable Wifi Hotspot
    - Smart Network
    - Favorite Settings
  • Hacked SMS app- special thanks to jovy23:
    * Folder View Option
    * No SMS to MMS conversion for messages
    * No SMS to MMS conversion for emojis
    * Enabled Group Messaging
    * Show Real Sending time instead of time received
    * Increased the SMS hour limit to 1000
    * Increased the Max MMS size to 2048000 bytes
    * Increased the MMS Image size to 4096x2048 [8.4MP]
    * Enabled Scheduled Messaging
    * Unlimited SMS Recipient limit
    * Backup/Restore SMS Option
    * Split view option
    * Change text size using volume keys option
    * Screen On/Off for notification alerts option
    * and more!!
  • New & Unique to this ROM only, 14 Lockscreen effects!:
    - None (AOSP style)
    - Ripple Effect
    - Light effect
    - Particle Effect
    - Water Color
    - Geometric Mosaic
    - Stone Skipping
    - Abstract tiles
    - Montablanc - Ink in water
    - Seasonal
    - Spring
    - Summer
    - Autumn
    - Winter
  • Centered Lockscreen(Clock, Weather, SHealth)
  • Added Glance View Option in settings
  • Added Call/Message Block option in settings
  • Permanently removed SysSCOPE from system and forcer System Status to show "Official" - Special thanks to Aou
  • Added option to put 30 Settings Shortcuts in Quick Settings Tab
  • Hacked Stock Email App
  • Sysro & sysrw support
  • Disabled scrolling cache
  • All supported languages enabled
  • Added Note 4 Wallpapers
  • All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
  • Enabled init.d scripts
  • Shutter Sound menu Enabled to stock camera
  • Enabled IP Call for SIP users
  • New PhoeniX Mods's protection - Well, apparently some clowns think they can take my mods without giving credits or asking for permissions. I won't allow that. This protection shouldn't bother you if you use PhoeniX ROM. When these mods are used on other rom, they simply won't work
  • New PhoeniX Logo in Settings -> About
    Added Ink effect selection. Special thanks to mythtrandyr his thread
  • New superb & amazing 4 PhoeniX Wallpapers made by @anbech! You can also download these HD wallpapers to your computer here:
  • Big APN list
  • Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
  • Added exit menu to stock web browser
  • Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs along with contacts
  • data/app enabled
  • NFC Hack - You can use your NFC while the screen is off, and at lockscreen.
  • 4 ways to reboot menu - Extended power menu
  • Enable call button in contact list
  • Added App Ops in Settings
  • Improved UPSM Launcher with 3X3 Grid!
  • Permanently removed SysScope from system and forced System Status to show "Official"
  • Added Ultra Power Saving Mode Apps Manager - thank you @xperiacle
  • Improved UPSM Code in order to prevent FCs, bootloops, etc.
  • MultiWindow Manager New Edition - thanks to BJB, Inc.
  • Added Official OmegaDroid Android News app - I am reporter and editor there, so if you want to read the best news about android, use this!
  • LMT Launcher that offers a pie control like nexus, and gestures. Thanks to noname81 his thread.

Kernel Tweaks
zipalign script
Build.prop tweaks

Removed from the rom:
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