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PhoeniX ROM V18.0 for Galaxy Note 2 - N7100 Users - Last 4.4.2 Update!

Hello Everyone!

PhoeniX ROM comes out for Galaxy Note 2 Users - N7100! We hope you will enjoy it.
Please read this article to know what is going on.(Click On Read More)


Change Log of V18.0:


New in v18.0:

  • Rebuilt rom for 0! Rebased on the latest Official Android 4.4.2 version XXUFND3 (build date: 09/04/2014)
  • Stock XXUFND3 customized kernel by me:
    - Insecured boot.img for full Root Access
    - Init.d Support
    - ExFat Support
  • Added new HD batteries styles, 60 in total!
  • Added App Ops support in settings
  • Added the following S5 features:
    - S5 Accuweather
    - S5 Customized settings:
    * Removed unsupported options like Fingerprint, Private Mod(need knox),
    * Spen support
    - S5 Splanner
    - S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode
    - S5 Toolbox with support for 10 apps!
    - S5 Customized SystemUI:
    * 33 Toggles mod with unique toggles:
    Flashlight - 1 press turns it on, long press flashlight settings
    Battery status - 1 press battery status , long press battery information
    PhoeniX - 1 Press/Long press open PhoeniX Settings
    Take Picture - Called "Shoot-it" by @dr.ketan. Single press takes picture without shooting sound (3-4 sec) long prees takes picture with shooting sound(3-4 sec) - also avilable as an icon in app drawer, so 1 press on app called Shoot it takes picture without shoooting sound, 1 press on app called Shoot it SF takes picture with shooting sound
    * Removed Quick Connect and SFinder big buttons and replaced with 1 single SFinder button besides the date.(Quick Connect is available as toggle)
    - S5 Lockscreen with option for Weather & Pedometer(If you use personal message you won't see them)
    - S5 Launcher
    - S5 launcher themes with 12 themes!
    - S5 Download Booster
    - S5 Wallpapers
    - S5 Google Search Widget with "Ok google" option from launcher(you must choose Google Search in aroma if you want it)
    - S5 My Magazine
    - S5 SFinder
    - S5 My Files
    - S5 Keyboard
    - S5 Svoice
    - S5 Car Mod(requires svoice)
    - S5 Shealth
    - S5 SamsungApps with option to download all S5 Apps Gifts
    - S5 SMemo
    - S5 Snote
    - S5 SBaro
    - S5 GroupPlay
    - S5 Contacts
    - S5 Phone with no more lag between Contacts and Phone tabs, also with popup call support
    - S5 SBrowser
    - S5 Calculator
    - S5 SMS
    - And more!
  • Updated all Note 3 apps(Air Command support also).
  • Added Launcher Special support:
    - PhoeniX SlideLaunch -Instead of My Magazine in S5 Launcher you can choose any app you want to open, for example settings, camera or gallery - amazing feature.
    - PullUp Option
  • Added PhoeniX Air Command Controller: Now you can replace SFinder in aircommand with every app you want.
  • Enabled SFinder & My Magazine in app drawer
  • Upgraded Power Menu:
    - Extended Reboot Menu
    - Flashlight
    - Screenshot
  • Permanently removed SysSCOPE from system and forced System Status to show "Official" - Special thanks to Aou
  • Added PhoeniX First Setup
  • Enabled Hidden Settings Widgets:
    - Power Control
    - Mono Audio
    - Negative Colors
    - Portable Wifi Hotspot
    - Smart Network
    - Favorite Settings
    - Hands-Free Mod
  • Enabled & Improved 8 Lockscreen Effects:
    - None (AOSP style)
    - Modded Ripple Effect:
    * No cloudy overlay - Thanks to @Goldie
    * Improved ripple effect - Thanks to @Goldie
    * Ink effect with the finger
    - Light effect
    - Popping Colours
    - Water Color
    - Blind
    - Oil Paint
    - Stone Skipping
  • KitKat SD Support Fix

  • Readers Hub
  • Bye Bye Knox
  • Nottach Xposed

  • Fixed Black background when minimizing apps
  • Fixed YouTube in Scrapbook in newer Youtube Versions

  • 136 CSCs. CSC Version: N7100OXAFND3. How to change CSC?
    First, install Stock Android Recovery
    Second, select your CSC and install.
    Third, Install PhilZ/TWRP recovery
  • Updated all mods in the Aroma - All mods are available to install!(Some removed, see Aroma Log)
  • Updated Apps to their latest version:
    - Chrome
    - ES File explorer
    - Adobe Flash Player
    - GMS Core
    - Play Store
    - DropBox
    - Gmail
    - SPPush client
    - Samsung apps
    - Chaton
    - Samsung IAP
    - Flipbaord
    - Earth
    - Voice Search
    - Update Samsung Link
    - Hangouts
    - SuperSU to latest
    - And more

    Attention everyone!

    To get a good battery performance, you have to make Battery Calibration. To make that, search Battery Calibration at Play Store.

    Use PhoeniX Kitchen to get extra items easily!
    Play store link:

    Wait till I update the mods in the kitchen, using v17 mods on v18 100% will cause for bootloops.

    And more that i must have forgotten


Aroma Changelog:

New in Aroma:

  • Removed 2 old modems.
  • Option to choose modems:
    - XXUFND3
    - XXUENA1
  • Added, Updated & Changed Bloatware selecion:
    - Samsung Gear Support Add Samsung Gear Support
    - Android 4.4.2 Camera Android 4.4.2 Camera from Nexus 5
    - Samsung Chaton
    - Google Plus
    - Google Chrome
    - Google Maps & Street
    - Android 4.2 Clock Android 4.2 Clock
    - DropBox
    - Facebook
    - Adobe FlashPlayer Flashplayer Support
    - Flipboard
    - Samsung S5 Group Features
    - Google TalkBack
    - Google Hangouts
    - Mobileprint services Mobile print services
    - Pie Control
    - Polaris Viewer
    - Samsung Update Samsung Update services
    - S5 SBaro
    - Digital Clock Widgets
    - Dual Clock Digital Widget
    - ES File Explorer
    - Genie widget
    - Google Music
    - Google Search
    - S5 Shealth
    - MusicLiveShare
    - Samsung Apps
    - SPlanner App Widget
    - S Voice
    - AwesomeNote
    - Evernote
    - Story Album
    - S5 SMemo
    - Youtube
    - Samsung Link
  • Keyboards Selecion:
    - Note 2 Black Keyboard
    - S5 White Keyboard
  • Updated GPS Configs
  • Updated Launcher Mods:
    - Stock 5X5 Without Wallpaper Scrolling
    - Stock 5X5 With Wallpaper Scrolling
    - TouchWiz Launcher tamirda's Mod - it gives you wallpaper scrolling, 6 apps in the Touchwiz Dock(where is the Apps Menu Icon - you can have 5 apps shortcuts+app menu icon), 5X6 Apps Grid
    - TouchWiz Launcher tamirda's Mod 2 - it gives you wallpaper scrolling, 6 apps in the Touchwiz Dock(where is the Apps Menu Icon - you can have 5 apps shortcuts+app menu icon), 5X5 Apps Grid
  • Updated EXT2InternalSD to V6 - Read warnings in the link above.
  • Updated SPenBoardSwitcher to V3
  • Removed 240DPI Mod - Makes alot of problems in KitKat
  • Removed Odex Mod - Makes FC to all Google apps, kitkat is fast even in deodexed mod.