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PhoeniX ROM V12.0 for Galaxy S5 - G900F Users - Mega Update!

Hello Everyone!

PhoeniX ROM comes out for Galaxy S5 Users - G900F! We hope you will enjoy it.
Please read this article to know what is going on.(Click On Read More)


Change Log of V12.0:


New in v12.0:

  • Build rom for 0! Based on the latest Official Marshmallow 6.0.1 version XXU1CPF7 (build date: 02/06/2016)
  • PhoeniX Kernel V9.5 - for more info Click Here!
  • A New ROM Control, will be explained in different changelog
  • Ported the following from the lastest S7 Edge firmware:
    - Edge panel + panels
    - SystemUI
    - Settings
    - Theme Engine & Theme Store
    - Gallery
    - Voice Recorder
    - Framework resources
    - Messages with Floating Messages
    - Clock
    - Calculator
    - Contacts
    - Phone
    - One Handed Operation
    - Game Tool & Game Launcher
    - Galaxy Lab
    - S Voice + Voice Wake Up
    - Photo Editor
    - Touchwiz
    - Accuweather
    - MyPlaces
    - Video Player
    - Music
    - Email
    - My Files
    - Setup Wizard
    - Wallpaper Picker
    - Keyboard
    - UPSM Launcehr
    - SBrowser
    - Scroll Capture
    - And More!!
  • Ported the following from the lastest C5 firmware:
    - Clock(translated by me)
    - App Lock
    - Smart Manager
    - Ultra Data Saving Mode
    - And more!
  • Enabled New & Old toggles on S7 SysUi: Flashlight, TouchSensitivity, Multiwindow, Toolbox, UKSM, FloatingMessages, Screencapture and more
  • Added all familier mods back from lollipop(more will be explained in ROM Control part)
  • Aroma Cleanup: removed alot of useless apps that can be installed from Google Play
  • Added TWSwipe
  • Added Toolbox controller
  • Option to lock apps in recent panel
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Removed useless apps from aroma

  • Nothing to fix

  • Updated all mods in the Aroma.
  • Updated System Apps to their latest version
  • Updated Apps to their latest version
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated BusyBox
    - And more

    Attention everyone!

    To get a good battery performance, you have to make Battery Calibration. To make that, search Battery Calibration at Play Store.

    And more that i must have forgotten


PhoenIX ROM Control

Ok, most of the work was spent on the new ROM Control.
The new ROM control is available only thanks to @daxgirl and @Wuby986 opensource project. To learn about their project, click here!

What is new? Basically, everything.
But here are the details(if something is not written, than it is still in RC from lollipop! don't worry.) :


App changes:

  • Option for themes(Dark and Light)
  • Navigation drawer
  • FAB with restart options
  • Typical Material UI
  • Pro Key Option
  • Removed Data Managment options
  • Added DPI Changer
  • And more!

Features changes:
Statusabr Prefs:

  • More Clock & Date options
  • Removed Statusbar background image
  • Added Signal Positions
  • More than 20 different Data Icon options
  • Option to turn On/Off colors

Notification Panel Prefs:

  • More Coloring options
  • Additional Header Clock Mods
  • Option to enable Data View in SysUi
  • Blur Option
  • Notification background Image option
  • More Toggles Background Images
  • Toggle Color On/Off
  • Toggle Secondary Text Color
  • Option to turn On/Off colors

Sound & Notification Prefs:

  • Ongoing Notifications can not be disabled but can be turned to removable notifications
  • Option to disbale IME Notification(No more icon on Marshmallow, only notification)
  • Option to disable Gray Status Bar when PSM is on
  • Option to disable SD Notification

General Mods Prefs:

  • More Coloring options
  • Option to change LS Clock size
  • Added option to enable blur on recent panel
  • Added option to enable Quick Panel on recent panel
  • Removed Touchwiz Loop option(doesn't work on the new touchwiz)
  • Added Icon coloring option(pay attention that App Drawer will stay white color, don't know why)
  • Added 8 Touchwiz Transation Effects
  • Added Settings Options: Multiwindow & Touch Sensitivity options
  • Added option to change Settings Dashboard Columns
  • Added option to change Settings Favorites Columns
  • Added option to Toggle Email Security
  • Added Option to toggle Power menu to old S5 Style - Pay Attention that Volume Panel is available only in S5 Style! If you choose it on S7 style you will have reboot.
  • Option to turn On/Off colors

Buttons & Display Prefs:

  • Removed android NavBar (Display Issues)
  • Removed ambient display (causes wakeup lags)

Utility Prefs:

  • Removed uselss apps that don't work on MM

And many more!