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PhoeniX ROM V11.0 for Galaxy S5 - G900F Users - Mega Update!

Hello Everyone!

PhoeniX ROM comes out for Galaxy S5 Users - G900F! We hope you will enjoy it.
Please read this article to know what is going on.(Click On Read More)


Change Log of V11.0:


Warning! you must read this first:

New in v11.0:

  • Rebuilt rom for 0! Based on the latest Official Android 5.0 version XXU1BPA2 (build date: 19/1/2016)
  • PhoeniX Kernel V6.0
    - Built from Samsung Lollipop Kernel Source Update BOH4 for G900F
    - Built Google 4.8 GCC for maximum performances and experience.
    - Latest Linux 3.4.110
    - SELinux set to permissive in source code
    - ExFat Support
    - XXU1BPA2 Ramdisk
    - init.d support
    - Added Improved Fast Charge Support - Huge thanks to Faux123! You can control it via Trickster Mod app
    - Fixed SELinux Memory Leak
    - Kernel compression LZO
    - Increased entropy levels (both read and write)
    - Disable restrict ROOT
    - Double min-max Read Ahead
    - disable crc to improve performance [andip71]
    - No more "Kernel is not SEANDROID" warning at boot - huge thanks to kykint
    - Added Network Speed Tweak
    - Added frandom
    - SELinux: revert Samsung hard enforcing
    - Added some kernel tweaks
  • Added toggle for Cover warnings
  • Added blur background for recent panel
  • Added Samsung Galaxy Note 7 wallpapers
  • Added S6 6.0.1 icons theme
  • Added phone lockscreen shortcut
  • Added Emoji selection in phoenix extra
  • Added toggle for CPU, network and Battery info in recent panel - thanks @_alex74_
  • Added lockscreen clock seconds & color
  • Fully Ported S6 music player (Everything works, even music auto off)
  • Moved alot of mods and tweaks to aroma for selection(system can be more debloated now)
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Removed useless apps from aroma

  • Fixed some FCs

  • Updated all mods in the Aroma.
  • Updated System Apps to their latest version
  • Updated Apps to their latest version
  • Updated SuperSU
    - And more

    Attention everyone!

    To get a good battery performance, you have to make Battery Calibration. To make that, search Battery Calibration at Play Store.

    And more that i must have forgotten