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PhoeniX ROM Features:

Based on the lastest stock firmware: Android 4.3 XXUEMK8 (build date: 21/11/2013)
Perseus 14.1 kernel - Thanks to AndreiLux his thread
Fully Deodexed
Added latest BusyBox
Added latest SuperSU+Bin files
Added Flashplayer support (Note: Flash doesn't work on stock browser, use dolphin or something.)
Updated all stock apps to their latest version(Gmail, Google search, Google Maps ,Play store etc.)
Unique PhoeniX bootanimation & shutdown animation - Huge thank to the artist anbech


  • Call Recorder
  • Hacked Stock Email App
  • Sysro & sysrw support
  • Enabled touchwiz wallpaper scrolling
  • Disabled scrolling cache
  • Phone with no increasing ringtone
  • All supported languages enabled
  • All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
  • Enabled init.d scripts
  • Shutter Sound menu Enabled to stock camera
  • Big APN list
  • Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
  • Added exit menu to stock web browser
  • Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs along with contacts
  • data/app enabled
  • NFC Hack - You can use your NFC while the screen is off, and at lockscreen.
  • 4 ways to reboot menu - Extended power menu
  • Enable call button in contact list
  • Disabled Converting Effect Between SMS MMS
  • Automatic SMS encoding (Arabic and other utf-8 encoding support)
  • Automatic efs backup when flashing the rom.
  • Added ES File Explorer.
  • Ported alot of Note 3 Features! This is the first ROM of S4 with that!!:
    - Note 3 Launcher With PullUp App Chooser (Can be changed in PhoeniX Extra!)
    - Note 3 My Magazine
    - Note 3 Multiwindow with the following features:
    * Quad screen: you can split multiwindow up to 4 different apps!
    * Floating windows: Like Pen Window, just with the finger (single click on the app will open popup window)
    * Note 3 Drag & Drop Multiwindow feature
    * Abillity to open same app from this list(If you need any more app please make a list so I can add in the next release) :
    - New Note 3 Lockscreen effect - Watercolor effect! Now you have 3 options:
    * Watercolor Effect
    * Ripple Effect
    * Flare Effect

    - New Settings Option - From now you have Search option in settings!! Exactly like in the Note 3!

    - Note 3 Phone with Popup Incoming Call Notifications!
  • MultiWindow Manager New Edition - thanks to BJB, Inc.
  • Added Official OmegaDroid Android News app - I am reporter and editor there, so if you want to read the best news about android, use this!
  • Added TB Restore Fixer Stub by -viperboy- his thread
  • LMT Launcher that offers a pie control like nexus, and gestures. Thanks to noname81 his thread.
  • Exclusive! Only to PhoeniX ROM!:
    * RTL Menus when you select Arabic/Hebrew as your default language.
    * New Amazing Wallpapers in Wallpaper Chooser Wallpapers! Beautiful Wallpapers! How to use? Click on Menu-> Set Wallpaper-> Home/Lock/Both-> Wallpaper Picker/chooser-> Select your Wallpaper!

    * New Settings app: Huge thank to ficeto!
    PhoeniX Settings App includes the following features:
    Samsung Secret Codes
    Fast Dormancy
    Faster Fix GPS
    CSC Select
    CPU Spy Plus
    Battery Chooser
    Terminal Emulator
    Xposed +Modules
    Idle Wifi Time Manager
    OS Monitor
    PhoeniX OTA Center - now you can update the rom without plugin into the computer!
    The downloads will be save on the internel SD card(if you use my memory script so it will be saved in the externel sd card) undr the folder OTA updates.
    Reboot options - Normal, Recovery, Download.
    Xposed support. Huge thanks to rovo89 his thread.
    Xposed Modules:
    Wanam Xposed - Special thanks to wanam his thread
    Nottach Xposed - Special thanks to Nottach his thread
    DPI Settings - thanks to rovo89

    How to use Xposed?
    1. Go to Settings -> PhoeniX Extra
    2. Open Xposed Installer
    3. Click Install/Update. Don't reboot.
    4. Go to Modules tab and active Wanam & Nottach Modules.
    5. Reboot
    6. Go to Settings -> PhoeniX Extra
    7. Play with the modules
    And more coming soon

Kernel Tweaks
Build prop tweaks
PhoeniX Special Tweaks:
- SD External / Internal tweak
- Smoothness tweak
- Better Scrolling tweak
- And more

Removed from the rom:
Bloatware - can be found here or here . - around 550MB of bloatware.