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RevolutioN Easter Edition v4.0 Is Here!!

Hello Everyone!

RevolutioN ROM comes out with a new version! There are alot of changes and we hope you will enjoy it
Please read this article to know what is going on.

First event of this site is: The Special Code Event!

After the ROM installation, you will see a code. The first 20 that register with this code, will get an access called: Special Events Registration.

With this access, they will be able to view site without advertisements and more(coming soon).

They won't have any access to the VIP Zone (this is only for donors).

After 20 registrations, the code will be blocked.


Second Update: New Passwords For The VIP Zone!

New and Fresh 2 X 7 Days With No Limit Passwords For FileFlyer! Enjoy Download!


Next, it's the change log of RevolutioN Easter Edition v4.0!


  • New Super Screamy Theme - ICS Theme!
  • Beats Audio! There won't be any icon or something but your will hear the changes! (thx to RockoDev [Click to the original thread])
  • Restored RevolutioN v2.0 Lock Ring
  • Added DSP Manager
  • New Camera Fix!
  • Changed Task Killer From Aggressive To Normal(as you requested..)
  • New Fonts! Roboto Style!
  • Updated Hosts file
  • Updated all apps!
  • New Sense 4 Clock widget! (thx to Yngwie Malmsteen[Click to the original thread])
  • New Deamon Controller! 3.3-beta5
  • And more...


So, START DOWNLOAD NOW! click here!